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The Adote Saúde association was founded in October 2003, idealized by Doctor Eduardo Juan Troster, inhabitant of Granja Viana – Cotia/SP, who became aware of the lack of basic needs within communities in the region and decided to create the project with the objective of supporting health actions in Cotia and Carapicuíba, reducing social inequality and promoting health for those most in need. Adote Saúde is a non-profit entity, not associated to any political party or religious entity, and does not transfer money to the institutions it assists. It initially consisted of the “adoption” itself of a health center, but, bearing in mind the lack of needs in the region, the program was extended to other institutions who work in the health and education fields.

Adote Saúde has been gaining strength and sustaining itself throughout the years thanks to the support and effort of our team, who is comprised of volunteers who donate part of their time, love and dedication to transform lives.

Dr.  Eduardo Juan Troster - Presidente


Profession: Economist

Function: Fiscal Council

Delano Marques
Dorothy Pinheiro Bergamaschi

Profession: Business Administrator

Function: Alternate Director

Lenise Gubeissi Sammarone

Profession: Business Administrator

Function: Alternate Fiscal Council

Liana Pancich Olmedo 

Profession: Educator

Function: Secretary Director

Lucila Soares Mayor

Profession: Psychologist

Function: Treasury Director

 Macarena Ruiz Pacheco Troster

Profession: Physiotherapist

Function: Volunteer

Magali Catunda

Profession: Social Services

Function: Vice-President

Maria de Lourdes  S. Rocha

Profession: Educator

Function: Volunteer

Paula Cajado

Profession: Educator and Psychologist

Function: Fiscal Council

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